Ela’s Two Chicwe Looks

Posted on October 30 2018



Today I present you two looks: from the cut are both totally different and yet both looks very Ela-Like :) The nice thing is that the pieces are all quite affordable!




In the selection I have chosen a lace skirt in midi length and a figure-hugging lace dress. When I was rock I was pretty sure that he would fit well, after all he is on. But the lace dress - I was really not sure ...



Do you know that? This thought: "My stomach is too thick to wear this or that"?

You can not imagine how long I thought I could not wear figure-hugging clothes with my big belly. In my mind, I literally saw dozens of fashion policemen teaching me, "It's not gonna work!", "Your belly is going to show itself, and that's so terrible," "It does not matter to your figure," "If you cover everything up, everything is much better, great and you look slimmer. "Nevertheless, I wanted to wear so well-fitting dresses, because I just think they are beautiful.

And then came the plus size movement and said: nonsense Ela, your belly belongs to you, like your nose, he does not hurt anyone and you can wear whatever you want!

The thought was liberating! I drew new courage. And it was also a sensible thought, because with my physique you can no longer "conceal" - you can see that I am fat.

In the implementation, I was a bit slower, because I just had no desire for stupid comments or looks and have ignored the topic, figure-conscious' elegant.

At some point, the moment came when I thought: now or never! And I ordered case dresses. First one, then another and so on ...




At Chicwe, I also took the opportunity directly and chose a figure-hugging dress. Well, as you can see, nothing happened to me in the dress.

You can see that my belly is showing (I'm not wearing any shapewear!), But is that really bad? No, I do not think so! The test I have made in everyday life and the dress looks very good to such parts as sneakers or denim jacket.




I combined the lace skirt into a beige pullover. It has to be said that the skirt is very light on the fabric. So if it's really windy and cold, you definitely have to wear thermal underwear and tights underneath. But he still looks very pretty! Especially in autumn I can imagine him well with boots and leather jacket.



All in all, I can say that the items at the prices quoted are definitely fair. Especially when the budget has to be tightened a bit and you need something elegant for a special occasion, you can find something chic at Chicwe.

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