Posted on December 22 2017

Lately, I’ve been incorporating more and more color into my Winter wardrobe. Fall fashion is flooded with all of these amazing hues from wine to olive to camel but it seems as though the Winter palette seems to dull out. Colors become a bit more muted and it seems as though functionality and warmth become the top priorities (understandably so). However, just because temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean that colors have to as well.

I have been loving deep jewel tones such as this evergreen. I feel like its the best of both worlds in providing color while still keeping with the season. It just so happens that these pants matched pumps that I got from Target perfectly so it made for a great monochromatic bottom half. This grey turtleneck was the perfect complement to balance out the color although I could have easily worn it with another neutral such as black or white. Grey really works well though because its the neutral of all neutrals and one of my personal faves. This look is easy to recreate using this exact combination or other colors and can be worn with different sweaters to meet your taste. See the outfit details below!

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