Simply Styled, Fit is key

Posted on May 23 2018

Sometimes, all you need is a great fitting dress. Of course the frills of fashion are great but the most important thing when it comes to styling looks is the fit. When the fit is right, everything else falls into place and you really don’t need any additional components if you don’t want to. Fit is the key.

This dress is a perfect example of that. It’s understated in some ways yet all of the small details make it chic and special piece. While the dress has a simple silhouette, the color is what immediately struck me. It’s a beautiful Springtime hue that I knew was going to complement my skin tone well. The material is a sweater-like texture so it’s comfortable to wear yet conforms to your body. The vertical lines helps to define the waist and the criss-cross detail at the top gives off a subtle sexy vibe. It fits like a glove and I feel amazing in it!


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