Summer Casual Stripes

Posted on July 24 2019

Summer Style

Summer Casual Stripes1

Summer temperatures are at a record-breaking high. Here in Los Angeles, you can feel the warmth ascending continuously and cresting during the 90s. I additionally have been making a trip to warm atmospheres, for example, New Orleans and Palm Springs so I have been feeling all of Summer. This is where usefulness of attire happens to key significance. I need pieces of clothing that are breathable, simple to wear and the majority of all, agreeable! Be that as it may, I would prefer not to exchange off usefulness for style. I accept that you can outdo the two universes.

Summer Casual Stripes2 

Summer Casual Stripes3

Along these lines, this outfit is an ideal easygoing end of the week look. Beginning with this dress, which is lightweight and an outfit in one. In spite of the fact that it is a straightforward striped dress, there are a few subtleties that I adore about it. The first is that it has ruched side that is extremely complimenting for the waist. The confound front includes an additional layer of texture that covers, just as add a structure component to the dress. Likewise, great high contrast stripes go with pretty much everything.


Summer Fashion Tips

Summer Casual Stripes4


My way of thinking for styling looks is consistently to begin with a straightforward base, and afterward expand on that. The principal thing that I snatched for was this cap. I adore this style since it can truly be worn throughout the entire year. Notwithstanding it being too charming, it likewise gives somewhat of a shield from the sun. At that point, I chose to match it with a denim coat. I felt like the outfit required a differentiating component however something that would not have been excessively substantial. By wearing the coat off the shoulder, you can in any case keep the outfit cool, however be readied if things get somewhat nippy at night. Completing off with a basic pair of my preferred tan shoes, I was cool, agreeable and adorable (on the off chance that I do say so myself!)

Summer Casual Stripes5 

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