The Classic Prints

The Classic Prints


I remember, on Saturday mornings, watching cartoons with my sister. I loved watching, "Mickey Mouse and Friends." I will never forget how I fell in love with Minnie Mouse the first time I saw her. Her everlasting, squeaky voice with vibrant polka dot dress and round-toe heels. Am I the only one who watched Mickey and Minnie?


Now. I know that polka dots are not only fun and whimsical, but they are also a classic print. Are you a fan of classic prints? If you are wondering what are classic prints, there are 5 classic prints that we should all try:

1. Polka dots - Will always be fun in the classic black and white. Try to add a scarf into the mix to create a contrast and liven up a look.

2. Houndstooth - This creative pattern will add a touch of sophistication to any look. No matter if it's a blazer, blouse, or skirt this will make any look fabulous.

3. Gingham - Who doesn't love a great gingham print? Whether medium or large print, a gingham blazer or skirt will make any look chic.

4. Stripes - No matter the size of stripes, they will always give any look some pizazz. In my opinion, every woman need 3 to 4 striped tops. Small, medium, large and daringly extra large prints.

5. Checker - Yes, the checkerboard print is also a go-to. Nothing says chic more than a checkered sheath dress with a black blazer or cape.

Are you willing to try a classic print? I am sure you would love how any of the prints will make your wardrobe pop.


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