The Flower Power Suit

Posted on November 12 2018


I really like this flower trend, for me there can’t be enough flowers, can you tell? Well this is something different though. Normally you see me wearing flower dresses, skirts and tops but a suit in a flower print is something else, a bold choice, even for me. But I want to live up to my own words and that is to wear what you like and don’t give a ‘bleep’ what someone else is thinking. If it makes you happy, wear it because life is short and fashion is fun.


I saw this suit when I did a little shopping, you know, just to see what’s in store at the moment. I’ve had some busy weeks so it was a little much needed inspirational shopping time. I did see this suit online but thought the fit wouldn’t be that nice but boy was I in for a surprise. The shape of this suit is so nice: the fabric is very stretchy and wears like a pyjama, that’s why the called the pants a jogger. It has a nice side stripe and pockets. I’m wearing a size US16 for the pants. The blazer I wanted a bit oversized and I choose size US18 for this one so I could put the sleeves up. I think that makes a nice casual look. This suit doesn’t need much more than a solid white t-shirt or tanktop. And off course you can wear the blazer and jogger seperately but it sure makes a nice statement to wear it together. Fashion is fun!


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