Trendy Plus Size Rompers and Jumpsuits

Trendy Plus Size Rompers and Jumpsuits

I’ve finally decided to write an extensive post about plus size rompers and jumpsuits. I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can be  quite intimidating. Today, I would like to address the questions I get from you guys. “How to find the right one for your shape and size?”

If you are looking for trendy plus size jumpsuits for a tall and plus size woman you might have to do a little digging. A good one that fits all the requirements is hard to come by. It’s easy to find my size but not so easy to find one that is the right length. I also feel the pain of short plus size women. Many of my friends always complain about not finding one that is short enough. Hopefully, my suggestion below will solve that problem.

If you do not own a jumpsuit as of yet, I would recommend you try one in store first. That would help you determine your size. There are three things I look for in my jumpsuits

    The fit from waist to crotch: I do not want the crotch to be too saggy or too tight.  Always make sure it nips in at the smallest part of your body like I am wearing the photos in this post. I did not follow these rules when I wore this outfit because I was going for the oversized look.

    The fabric: Stretchy material is a must. For a more elegant look just a tiny bit of stretch is enough.

    The inseam:  Knowing your measurements is a must when you shop online. Grab your best fitting pants that are similar to the bottom of the jumpsuit you’re buying and measure from the crotch to the hem. Depending on the kind of jumpsuit, you could  size up just to get a little wiggle room and some length.

In my opinion, every girl should own at least one romper or jumpsuit but only if you are comfortable in it. I own many of them, and each them is for a different occasion. So without further ado, please find some of my favorite trendy plus size rompers and jumpsuits

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